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Weapon Stats:
Attack speed:
Recharge speed:
Full Auto Delay:
Burst Delay:

Character Stats:
Your Init:
Agg/Def Slider: %
Aimed Shot:
Full Auto:

To cap Aimed Shot to 11 sec you need 1241 Aimed Shot Skill
To cap Full Auto to 11 sec you need 1675 Full Auto Skill
To cap Burst to 9 sec you need 1256 Burst Skill
To cap Fling to 6 sec you need 1221 Fling Skill
To cap this weapon to 1/1 at 0 % Agg/def slider you need 1170 init

With your Init of 1650 and Agg/Def slider at 0 % your weapon attack/recharge speed will be 1.00/1.00
The fastest you can be with 1650 init is 1.00/1.00 with agg/def slider at 0 %

Most of the caclulations on this page is based uppon the infomation gathered from this post on