AOnow (Winamp plugin for Anarchy Online (AO))

What does it do?

When Winamp starts playing a song, or changes track - this plugin will create a file in your Anarchy Online (or Age of Conan) Scripts folder called np.
This enables you to use the command /np ingame.

When you use the /np command inside Anarchy Online (or Age of Conan), the contents of the script file will paste "Now playing [Tracktitle]" or "Now playing [Currently no track playing]", depending if you are actually listening to a song or not. Screenshots

Tracktitle will be replaced by the track title as it appears in your Winamp playlist for the current playing track.


  1. Anarchy Online and/or Age of Conan installed.
  2. Winamp 5.xx or later installed

How to get started

  1. Download the zipped winamp plugin and unzip into your Winamp/plugins directory.
  2. Restart Winamp if it was currently running
  3. Go to Options->Preferences -> Plug-ins -> General Purpose, select "AO now playing" and press "Configure selected plug-in"
  4. Type in the path to your Anarchy Online game folder as indicated (No trailing backslash), or use the browse button, and press OK
  5. Create a folder called "Scripts" inside your Anarchy Online games folder
  6. Start playing songs, start Anarchy Online, and try out /np ingame :)
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