AOnow v0.23

Release date: 07/04-13 13:26

  • Added support for new AO hashed user prefs location.

AOnow v0.21

Release date: 23/05-08 03:03

  • Added support for Age of Conan.
  • In preferences you can now specify the AoC game folder as well as AO game folder.
  • AOnow will make the np script for both AO and AoC.
  • Updated color tags for AoC script! The colors are back! No black text for AoC any longer.

AOnow v0.20

Release date: 16/03-08 04:58

  • Re-did what I intended to do with v0.19, the custom field is now instead used. If you put I.e "%1 %2 " (without the quotes) it will function like intended. Examples of how to use that ingame: "/np /tell someone" will send the np message in a tell to someone, "/np /" will put the np message in visinity, "/np /o" will send the np message to org chat.
  • I removed the previous %1 %2 code as it was flawed.
  • Updated the url to this webpage in the link, to match the actual sites url

AOnow v0.19

Release date: 18/02-08 01:12

  • Enabled possibility to make custom scripts for AOnow by adding %1 %2 in front of the generated string. This enables usage like "/np /tell myfriend", that will send the info to myfreind (Have to be in Active Channel mode to use this)

AOnow v0.18

Release date: 09/07-06 17:30

  • Optimized html to save bytes
  • Limited the max length of tracks to prevent np script to cause AO client disconnect due to too large script file

AOnow v0.17

Release date: 25/04-06 00:15

  • New config options like what channel to write the info in when you call the script and an option to generate last played or not

AOnow v0.16

Release date: 23/04-06 02:05

  • Internal code changes to make it easyer to build the refs/links and creating the text content/coloration
  • Added some colors to the info window

AOnow v0.15

Release date: 22/04-06 00:35

  • Fixed an issue with streams that would create 3 "trackchanges" when starting up the stream
  • Fixed an issue with trackchanges if they happened fast (t<400ms), mostly related to streams
  • Fixed an issue with " in trackname

AOnow v0.14

Release date: 21/04-06 00:20

  • Added list of last 5 played tracks to the info window. (User request from Morten)
  • Added version number to ingame info window
  • Changed text from "N/A" to "Currently no track playing" when playback is stopped

AOnow v0.13

Release date: 19/04-06 01:50

  • Added browse dialog for locating AO folder in config window

AOnow v0.12

Release date: 14/12-05 01:10

  • Added the "Now Playing" link in [N/A] mode as well (When no track is playing)
  • Fixed a bug, state didn't return to [N/A] if you quit Winamp without presing stop first

AOnow v0.11

Release date: 14/12-05 01:00

  • Made "Now Playing" clickable, providing download information to whom it might interest

AOnow v0.1

Release date: 12/12-05 23:59

  • First public version
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