FAQ for AOnow (Winamp plugin for Anarchy Online)

Q:Is there a way I can use it and have it only display for me?

A: You can output to /text, that will be visible to only you. Configure the plugin, and select the option called "Local text". "Active channel" is default selected.

Plugin config window in Winamp


Q: Is there a way to set max number of songs listed?

A: You can limit the number of songs to list (to some extent :)). In the options you can select not to display "Last played list" in the info window. So it's a history of 5 songs, or no history.


Q: Can I change how AOnow displays track information?

A: To some extent, AOnow will display the trackname as it appears in your winamp playlist window. That means if you change how tracks are displayed there, AOnow will pick up on that.


Q: Would it be possible to make this program support iTunes as well?

A: If iTunes has an open API for creating plugins it would be possible to make one for iTunes as well. I have not looked into iTunes since I only use winamp my self :) .


Q: Can this plugin work with Winamp 2.80?

A: No, it requires Winamp 5.xx or later to work.


Q: Why is it not working?

A: Make sure you check the Prerequsites, Winamp version, AO folder, Script folder and so forth.


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