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Item Assistant

This is an exelent tool that I use a lot myself.

Have you ever found yourself looking for that darn treatment rifle, you know it is on one of your chars, but not sure which? Than look no further, if you keep IA running in the background when playing AO, it will keep track of where all items are once you are synced up. Whether it is in the bank, in a backpack, or a backpack in the bank, IA will help you find it with it's searchable local database.

It's just one of those tools that you can't imagine living without once you have tried it.


My own AO initiative and special recharge calculator

Symb compare

My own Alpha vs. Beta vs. Intelligent symbiant comparison. You can also compare Unit vs. Unit. I.e. Artillery vs. Control to easily see what stats exists where.


This tool is an absolute must when you are searching for missions with a spesific reward, or even location and or missiontype.

Anarchy Online Universe

The leet place to be, guides, forums and more.

AO Pocket

All symbiants so far. This is the place to start when figuring out what symbiants to get, and where to get them.

Here you can search the contents of the Anarchy Online database, view stats for items, nanos and much more

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